A GUI to save, build, and run scripts with just the click of a button!

MUL8R allows you to save and build laborious scripts then execute them with just the click of a button

What is MUL8R?

MUL8R is a graphical user interface that allows developers to

  • Save commonly used commands or scripts and then
  • Execute or drag and drop those scripts onto the terminal.
  • MUL8R saves developers time and effort by allowing them to script more efficiently.


Automate Scripts

No more having to rewrite the same scripts over and over again

Single Click Command Execution

Execute common and long scripts in one click instead of retyping every time.

Save Uncommon Scripts

No more need to memorize each script. Save your scripts to use again later

Drag & Drop

Make use of easy drag and drop functionality instead of typing commands

Safety First

Third party applications often pose serious safety and security risks for developers. MUL8R is safe to use in a development environment

Fast & Reliable

Cut out tedious, slow and problematic Command Line Interphases. MUL8R makes script execution less of a hassle with an interphase that is faster and easy to use.

How does MUL8R work?

MUL8R allows developers to save commonly used commands or scripts and then execute or drag and drop those scripts onto the terminal

Why was MUL8R built?

  • MUL8R was built by developers for developers looking to avoid the inefficiencies of scripting
  • MUL8R is a tool that allows developers to focus on their core job rather than deal with many of the problems that come along with scripting

What problem does MUL8R solve?

  • MUL8R solves the majority of the tedious and laborious
    problems associated with scripting
  • Developers can save and execute commonly used commands, such as changing to a certain directory or updating a certain package
  • Developers can drag and drop commonly used scripts, such as a long user name or part of a script




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